March 2020


Yes, You Need A Will – Especially After A Break Up

Dealing with a break up is hard. The untangling of lives is complicated and messy. The last thing a couple is thinking about is what will happen to my assets if I die? But there …

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Woman with phone in hands at laptop william-iven-SpVHcbuKi6E-unsplash

It’s a phone call I will never forget.

A 75-year old woman who’s been self-isolating with her husband came to the conclusion she’d had enough of him. She told me she wants a divorce. Turns out, the government isolation orders forced her to reflect …

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Five Ways Divorce Could Actually Benefit The Children

Every parent whose marriage ends in divorce worries about the impact on their children. Would you be surprised to know there are also some significant benefits to the children? Here are our top five benefits: They Become …

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