Musson Morneau LLP

Musson Morneau LLP is an innovative, boutique family law firm with offices in Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo with expansion plans across Ontario. 

 What is Our Mission?

Our Firm’s mission is to bring together “the best of the best” to form a collective mentality of how things can be done differently.  The Firm provides a work environment where lawyers and team members feel supported with their mental health and avoid burn-out.  Musson Morneau LLP is a lifestyle firm and provides legal professionals with a better quality of life with real work/life balance.

What Are Our Values?

Truthfulness, Integrity, Authenticity, Teamwork, Collaboration, Innovation, Creativity, Personal Responsibility.

Who Are We Looking For?

You are a team player – working together as  a team is at the centre of what we do: in the way we communicate, show each other respect and looking for better ways to delight our clients.

You are a self starter and take personal responsibility.  We are intentionally Flat.  Hierarchy is great for traditional law firms. Where they want to simplify planning and file handling. We are not a traditional law firm. We have gone out of our way to recruit intelligent, innovative, and talented people. Telling them to sit at a desk and do what they’re told does not add value. 

You want to challenge the status quo.   While following the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mantra might work for traditional firms but it doesn’t work for us.  We want innovative ideas.

You are a problem solver.  We all encounter challenges.  You collaborate to solve problems and you come to the table with solutions. 

You want to be an exceptional and highly skilled lawyer, at the top of your game.  

What Practices are We Looking For?

We are strategically expanding the Firm. If you are a highly skilled and experienced lawyer, with an entrepreneurial spirit, we may be the right fit for you.   

If you have a collaborative or ADR practice or you want to shift from a litigation practice to an out-of-court practice, let’s talk!

While our Vision and Mission is to help clients negotiate out of Court settlements, we recognize that some clients still require litigation services.  If litigation is your focus, we also want to meet  you. 

Do you have a partial family law practice?  We are also looking for lawyers who may practice in complementary areas.  

If you want to learn more, email us today at admin@mlawgroup.ca to set up a time to speak with the partners so we can learn more about your goals and practice.

What We Offer at Musson Morneau LLP

.Four Day Work Week

Our team works on a flex-four day work week.   Days are rotated on each team to ensure there is  appropriate support five days a week.  This is a flexible schedule and sometimes teams will work five days depending on Firm and lawyer needs.   Imagine earning the same amount but working one less day per week!    By having skilled, efficient support and processes in place we can get you to a four day practice. 

 Work With Highly Skilled and Experienced Team Members 

Work with a highly skilled, trained and mentored team of legal professionals and support staff.  Training and mentoring done by the Firm with a highly curated and structured mentoring and legal training program.

 Collaborate with Highly Skilled Legal Professionals 

Being a solo practitioner can be isolating at times.  With Musson Morneau you will have the support of a team of skilled lawyers and paralegals to bounce ideas off of and have the resources of other team members to assist with challenging and difficult situations. 

 Team Support So You Can Take Time Off 

A team of lawyers and paralegals are available to cover attendances so you can take vacation time or a sick day, so you can really disconnect.

Junior Lawyers 

Access to skilled junior lawyers who can assist on junior level tasks so you can spend your time on more substantive intermediate and senior level work.

Access to Top Tier Research and Financial Lawyers 

As part of our network, we work with a top tier research lawyer who assists with legal research and factum writing and a top tier financial lawyer who assists on complicated financial cases.

Like the People You Work With 

We are very protective about our Firm culture and want to make sure we like the people we are working with. We come from different backgrounds and perspectives but respect and kindness to each other is key to our success. We are very selective on all team members who will join our Firm.

  Freedom to Work the Hours You Want – Wherever You Want 

Work whatever hours you want (subject to a very reasonable Firm minimum).  Work from the beach or the mountains or your home office.   We have the technology to permit you to work remotely.  If you prefer an in person practice, we are working on securing a new, modern space.  Enjoy the freedom you had as a solo practitioner but with the perks of a Firm.

 Modern, Collaborative Workspace

For those who are looking for an in office experience, our vision is a sleek, modern, calm work space designed for collaborating.  Think more like a spa than a traditional law office with stacks of law books.   Our collaborative kitchen will be stocked with snacks and drinks to get you through even the most stressful day.

Multiple Offices 

We currently operate out of Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo.  We are expanding across Ontario.   

   Work On Interesting Files 

The Firm has a very successful marketing machine designed to attract clients that are a good fit for the Firm and who we can help impact their life in a positive way. You are welcome to work with any clients you would like but you have the opportunity to work with Firm clients. 

Originating Bonus

If you bring in a new client on a file that you don’t work with but assign to another Firm lawyer, we have a bonus structure. 

Be Part of a Firm Making Real Change in Family Law 

We are focused not just on the practice of law but other ways we can impact the area of family law.  Explore other revenue generating opportunities that are not just about billable hours.    Such opportunities may be teaching, developing training programs, go on a speaking circuit, consulting, open a mediation practice, write a book – the sky really is the limit.  Or maybe your interests lie in working on pro bono cases that are making a real difference.  We are open to all options.

Professional Growth Opportunities 

Opportunities for the right lawyers to be partners – both equity and non-equity partnerships will be available or continue your practice as a Senior Counsel.

Invested in Technology 

We are constantly on the hunt for technology that makes us more efficient and improves the lawyer and client experience.  We invest in new programs and training.

Dedicated HR and IT Departments 

Imagine not having to deal with team performance issues or discussions about raises?  

Or what if your computer has a problem, you have access to skilled IT personnel.  

Less Administrative Tasks So You Can Do More Legal Work 

We take care of the administrative side of running a law firm so you can focus on legal work. 

  A Lifestyle and Wellness Benefit Program You’ve Never Seen Before

We truly believe in a work life balance.  We want to be Happy Lawyers!   We have developed a lifestyle and benefit program that is individually curated.  

Wellness Benefits –  can include your standard extended health coverage, LTD coverage or things like a personal trainer, meditation apps, art classes, book clubs, anything that helps you to recharge.

Lifestyle Benefits – some of our lifestyle benefits include a RRSPs matching program. 

We also offer annual travel benefits – the Firm pays for an annual travel voucher so you can fly anywhere in the world with your family.  

Dog Day Work Days 

We have certain days where you can bring your dog to work.  If you are not a pet lover not to worry, we will schedule Dog Days on your remote work day.  

What is Required of You?

  • Minimum annual billings of $300,000.  At $400 per hour, the minimum target is 746 annually.
  • You are paid 40% of your revenue – billed and collected.
  • Draws are paid monthly.
  • Payments can be made to your Professional Corporation.

We also offer a trial period so there is no risk to you.  Give us a try.  If you don’t feel we are a good fit, then you can return to your practice.

If you want to learn more, email us today at admin@mlawgroup.ca to set up a time to speak with the partners so we can learn more about your goals and practice.