Back-to-School COVID Battles Erupting Among Divorced Parents

Few things fuel arguments among divorced parents more than the safety of their children. Each person in the marriage brings their own set of safety tolerances reared from their own childhood and they’re often incompatible …

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Lawyer Anna-Marie Musson Featured in Bay Today Article

From Bay Today: The good and bad about going to university next year, legally speaking In this news article from Bay Today, Lawyer Anna-Marie Musson explains how the decision to take a gap year from college during the COVID-19 …

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COVID-19 and Child Support Payments

Desperate Parents Seek Answers Parents who receive regular child support and other spousal payments are starting to see the taps run dry because of COVID-19. Ex-Spouses are unilaterally cutting off court-mandated financial support, claiming government orders to stop work or close …

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Five Ways Divorce Could Actually Benefit The Children

Every parent whose marriage ends in divorce worries about the impact on their children. Would you be surprised to know there are also some significant benefits to the children? Here are our top five benefits: They Become …

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