The Modern Divorce Show

With Anna-Marie Musson
Managing Lawyer - Toronto

Welcome to the Modern Divorce Show.  This is a show that offers professional and personal advice on all matters related to separation and divorce.  From real estate and finances, to support payments, child custody, stress management, who gets the family dog and even how to date again.  More than anything, this show offers hope and options.

Show 13 – Modern Marriage Contract

Guest – Elinor Shinehoft – Collaborative Lawyer and Eva Sach – Financial Professional
This week, Anna-Marie, Elinor and Eva talk about “pre-nups” or marriage contracts, dispelling myths and outlining who needs a marriage contract and they are not just for the “rich and powerful” anymore.

Show 12 – Who Gets The Dog in the Divorce?

Guest – Karis Nafte – Pet Custody Specialist
This week, Anna-Marie and Karis talk about pet custody and pet-nups and tips for pet owners.

Show 11 – Answering Listeners’ Questions

This week, Anna-Marie answers all the common and uncommon questions from clients, including how to tell people you are getting divorced, what not to do on social media, and other common questions about custody and support.

Show 10 – Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got Divorced

Guest – Natalia Juarez – Break Up Coach
This week, Anna-Marie and Natalia discuss the mistakes and pitfalls people can avoid when it comes to divorce.

Show 9 – Affairs – Should You Stay or Should You Leave

Guest – Dr. Alicia Walker Sociologist at Missouri State University and best selling author
This week, Anna-Marie and Dr. Walker talk about the challenges people are facing when dealing with infidelity and affairs and even the benefits some couples can experience after a painful affair.

Show 8 – Grey Divorce

Guest – Eva Sachs – Author of When Harry Left Sally
This week, Anna-Marie and Eva discuss what Grey Divorce is and the unique issues that couples face when divorcing later in life.

Show 7 – Dating After Divorce

Guest – Carmelia Ray – Celebrity Matchmaker
This week, Anna-Marie and Carmelia chat about tips for dating after divorce and starting over after the split.

Show 6 – How to Save Your Marriage – Advice from a Divorce Lawyer

Guest – Andrew Sofin - Expert in Couples Therapy
This week, Anna-Marie and Andrew talk about all the reasons why couples decide to call it quits and advice on how to save your marriage and avoid divorce court.

Show 5 – Is Your Ex Hiding Money?

Guest – Eva Sachs – Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
This week, Anna-Marie and Eva discuss the tricks we have seen people make trying to hide money. We also dive into the biggest financial mistakes people are making when they divorce.

Show 4 – Co-Parenting is Not a Breeze

Guest – Jennifer Barkin – Accredited Family Mediator
This week, Anna-Marie and Jennifer talk about how to deal with a narcissist including how to negotiate with a narcissist, how to co-parent and what great technology is out there to help couples.

Show 3 – Making Sure the Kids are Okay

Guest - Sara Dimerman – psychologist and author of 5 self help books.
This week, Anna-Marie and Sara talk about how to talk to your kids about divorce and what are the biggest mistakes parents can make.

Show 2 – Debunking Myths of Collaborative Law

Guest - Victoria Smith, Collaborative Lawyer
This week, Anna-Marie Musson and Victoria Smith dispel the myths around collaborative divorce. It is not just a “trendy new age process” or you will get stuck with a bad deal if you don’t have a pitbull litigator.

Show 1 – What is Collaborative Law?

This week, host Anna-Marie Musson explains what collaborative divorce is and why it’s the best process for kids. It is designed to preserve relationships and preserve your family assets.