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Our Toronto divorce lawyers and Guelph real estate lawyers distinguish themselves by having the experience, legal savvy, and focus to help guide you effectively and efficiently through the real estate process – whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing a property. We offer a clear-cut fee structure that includes no hidden charges and allows you to carefully manage your legal budget from start to completion. Our goal is to afford you a streamlined process that inspires peace of mind. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to your call.
  • Why Choose Our Real Estate Lawyer in Guelph

At M & Co. Law Firm our real estate practice focuses not only on our client’s legal rights but also on their level of comfort as we move through the process. You have goals that correspond with the real estate transaction you’re working on, and our goal is to do what it takes to help you meet them. We have decades of experience protecting the rights of clients like you who are addressing complex real estate matters, and we’re committed to making the process as seamless as possible for you. Real estate law is challenging, but we have the legal skill and insight to help you proceed with purpose – knowing that you’re in good hands and that your rights are well protected.

Real Estate Legal Services We Provide

When you need a real estate lawyer in Guelph, you can count on us to provide you with the attention and skilled guidance you need, along with the transparent pricing you’re looking for. 

We offer an array of real estate services that include all the following:

  •  Assistance for first-time homebuyers
  • Representation for buyers and sellers of single-family dwellings, condos, apartment buildings, and beyond
  • The sale and purchase of real estate properties
  • The close inspection of purchase and sale agreements
  • Simple land title transfers and mortgage title transfers
  •  Amicable, per separation agreement, or per court order spousal title transfers
  • Interim closings
  • Bridge loans and second mortgages
  • Property refinancing
  • Survivorship applications
  • Trust agreements and declarations of trust
  • Assistance for foreign buyers in Ontario, including the application of the non-resident speculation tax rebate
  • Consultation regarding title insurance options
  • Document preparation
  • Title searches
  • Registration of documents in the title registration system

What is Included in Legal Services for Real Estate Purchase?

The legal services we offer in relation to your real estate purchase are broad in scope and include all the following:

  • Carefully reviewing your purchase and sale agreement for accuracy and in relation to your legal rights
  • Scouring the title searches for any title defects
  • Submitting requisition on the title and skilfully reviewing the response
  • Engaging in correspondence with the title insurance company and securing the title insurance you need
  • Drafting and registering all mortgage documents
  • Reviewing the statement of adjustments for accuracy
  • Drafting applications for the first-time homebuyer rebate
  • Reviewing all mortgage instructions and drafting all mortgage documents
  • Registering the transfer and mortgage on the title
  • Engaging in detailed correspondence with the involved lender
  • Drafting all documents and statements in accordance with the Land Transfer Tax Act
  • Knowledgeably reviewing the certificate of insurance
  • Conducting meetings to ensure things proceed smoothly for you
  • Securing transferring funds to close transactions
  • Reporting on closing to you, the realtor, and the lender
  • Filing opening charges
  • Implementing one-appointment transactions and mobile signing
  • Ensuring that after-hours appointments are available as needed

Regardless of how straightforward or complex your real estate legal needs are, we are standing by to help.

What is Included in Legal Services for Real Estate Sale?

If you’re prepared to move forward with a real estate sale, our legal services are similarly inclusive and address all the following:

  • Parsing the agreement of purchase and sale for accuracy
  • Skilfully drafting the deed and land title transfer to accompany the sale
  • Drafting the statement of adjustments
  • Conducting title searches and reviewing them for title defects
  • Reviewing the requisition on the title and responding accordingly
  • Engaging in exacting correspondence with the mortgagor on the title
  • Gathering lender payout statements and reviewing them for discharge purposes
  • Ensuring that discharge funds are delivered immediately to the lender upon closing
  • Obtaining and delivering the discharge of mortgage
  • Conducting all necessary meetings to ensure you’re comfortable with the process
  • Ensuring that the registration of transfer proceeds correctly
  • Reporting out on the closing to you, the lender, and the realtor
  • Filing opening charges
  • Facilitating the process by ensuring there is one mortgage payout, transactions are completed in one appointment, mobile signing is implemented, and after-hour appointments are available as needed

What is Included in Legal Services for Real Estate Refinance?

We offer a full suite of services related to complex real estate refinancing, including all the following:

  • Examining the mortgage instructions for the refinance
  • Conducting title searches and examining them for any title defects
  • Conducting and examining both writ and execution searches
  • Securing the necessary title insurance and conducting all related correspondence with the title insurance company
  • Analyzing all mortgage instructions and drafting and registering all mortgage documents
  • Receiving the mortgage funds in a trust account
  • Engaging in detailed correspondence with the lender
  • Reviewing the certificate of insurance for accuracy
  • Conducting meetings to keep you abreast of all the legal documents
  • Securely transferring the funds necessary to close the transaction
  • Registering the mortgage on the title
  • Reporting out concerning the closing to you, the lender, and the realtor
  • Filing opening charges
  • Implementing conveniences that include one-appointment transactions, mobile signing, and after-hours appointments as needed

Price List 

Purchase – $1295 plus HST and disbursements and includes one mortgage from an A/B lender and $1495 plus HST and disbursements and includes one private mortgage.

Sale – $995 plus HST and disbursements, includes one mortgage payout 

Title transfer – $795 plus HST and disbursements 

The above price list is based on no unforeseen complications and properties under $1M.    A rush fee will apply to all documents, instructions or information received less than 7 days before closing or if there is a change less than seven days before closing.     

Disbursements include things such as searches, government fees, courier charges, transaction charges, land transfer taxes.   

How Our Guelph Real Estate Lawyer Can Help

Whether you are purchasing, selling, or refinancing a property, and whether it’s your first foray into real estate transactions or is one of many, it’s a major financial matter that requires careful legal consideration. By engaging the impressive services of our Guelph real estate lawyer at M & Co. Law Firm, you can proceed with the confidence that comes from knowing our seasoned real estate lawyer has taken the necessary precautions to protect your transaction. We are on your side and look forward to working with you at this important financial juncture in your life.