Our Team

Lawyer Anna-Marie Musson

A graduate of Windsor Law, Anna-Marie started her career in law in 2002 and brings over 15 years of experience with her. She started through litigating at a prominent national Bay Street law firm and moved up to senior partner. After spending years litigating cases in court, Anna-Marie identified that this process was dated, expensive, and unnecessary – there’s no need for many family cases to go to court. It was this realization that led Anna-Marie to create Musson Law, leveraging her wealth of knowledge and experience in solving issues without involving the court.

She has a passion for innovative, out-of-the-box problem solving and not only is able to help her clients as a lawyer but also as a strategic advisor. Her big picture thinking allows her clients to move forward in their lives.

Lawyer Sean Valentine

Educated at Windsor Law & University of Detroit Mercy, Sean began his career as a litigator in some of the Toronto area’s most notable speciality firms. His deep litigation experience proved his ability for arguing issues related to complex legal relationships and exposed him to methods for strategically navigating the role of the court. As Sean decided to transition his experience to the area of Family Law, he first wanted to choose a firm that practiced a more modern approach that recognized the value of alternative dispute resolution methods. This led him to Musson Law, one of Toronto’s leading Collaborative Law firms that is changing the way people divorce.

Sean brings a diverse range of expertise spanning a variety of areas in family law, including parental responsibility, parenting plans, and property ownership. His proficiency in contract negotiations and dispute resolution is a valuable asset on the Musson Law Team with a genuine interest in helping clients and their families.

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Olivia Zaya

Olivia graduated with a Master of Laws from Osgoode Hall Law School and completed her Bachelor of Laws at the University of Kent. During her articles, she developed experience in litigation at a boutique firm in Toronto. 
She is a committed and passionate advocate. Olivia believes that achieving successful results begins with understanding the client’s needs and tailors her approach to meet their objectives. She is dedicated to helping clients navigate complex family law issues and appreciates the value in adopting forms of alternative dispute resolution. Olivia has an interest in all aspects of family law including divorce and separation, property division, domestic contracts, child and spousal support, and parenting. 
Olivia was Called to the Ontario Bar in 2020. 
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