Our Team

Lawyer Anna-Marie Musson

A graduate of Windsor Law, Anna-Marie started her career in law in 2002 and brings over 20 years of experience with her. She started through litigating at a prominent national Bay Street law firm and moved up to senior partner. After spending years litigating cases in court, Anna-Marie identified that this process was dated, expensive, and unnecessary – there’s no need for many family cases to go to court. It was this realization that led Anna-Marie to create a different kind of Firm , leveraging her wealth of knowledge and experience in solving issues without involving the court.

She has a passion for innovative, out-of-the-box problem solving and not only is able to help her clients as a lawyer but also as a strategic advisor. Her big picture thinking allows her clients to move forward in their lives.

Lawyer David Morneau

For over 20 years, David has practised law with empathy, compassion and integrity, helping families through challenging circumstances with considerable care. He applies innovation and creativity in assisting clients in determining what they need to overcome the obstacles they are facing, empowering them to do so with dignity, honour and a focus on the future and communication, ensuring that they have all information and advice to make informed decisions. 

David has been formally trained as both a family mediator and collaborative legal professional, is accredited as both and was one of the first in the province to receive recognition as an Advanced Collaborative Professional. His skill and experience allow him to handle all family law related matters. 

Throughout his career, David has observed and analyzed our legal systems and has spoken widely about reform and change. He has acted as counsel for parents and children in the family justice system and was able to witness firsthand the impact that adversarial processes can have on families in transition. Through his training, he continues to learn new skills for conflict resolution which give the participants the ability to listen, communicate, solve their own differences, both now and in the future. 

David believes in authenticity, honesty and being genuine and open with those he assists. He encourages his clients to develop a solution that is right for them and will help design a process that will help to meet an individual’s hopes and goals, while helping to recognize their worries and concerns. In his experience, this has a much greater chance of guiding families to a much brighter future.


Sheena Naidoo - Senior Counsel

Sheena has spent the last 10 years of her career litigating, negotiating and resolving family law matters in the Waterloo Region.

Recognizing the challenges of an adversarial Court system and shortcomings of traditionally aggressive negotiations, Sheena is now focusing on alternatives as better means to help clients and their families through the turmoil of separation. Regardless of the process, Sheena always welcomes the opportunity to engage in creative problem solving while supporting clients with reliable legal advice as they work to resolve their issues.

Sheena graduated from McMaster University in 2007, receiving her Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Peace Studies and Philosophy and continued on to Queen’s University, where she received her Juris Doctor in 2010. She articled in Toronto at a boutique family law firm before being called to the Ontario Bar in 2011.

Sheena can be reached at snaidoo@mlawgroup.ca.

Law Student Tanys Insley

Tanys is a graduate of Queen’s University Belfast and a current student at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. Prior to law school, Tanys completed an undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto, graduating with distinction. Her degree was supplemented with exchange programs at the University of Oxford and the University of Sienna. These exchange program courses were her first insight into the study of law.

During law school, she worked with numerous social service agencies aimed at broadening access to justice. It was here, she understood the importance of the adversarial role lawyers play in conflict management. Tanys’ passion for advocacy led her to the area of Collaborative Family Law.

Tanys is currently working towards her license to practice law in the province of Ontario. She is excited to embark on her career.