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How To Deal With Matrimonial Home While Getting Divorce in Ontario

Ontario divorce laws have clear guidelines on how to divide property and assets in a divorce. Considering two in five marriages in Canada end in divorce, the issue of the matrimonial home comes up often …

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When is a Down Payment Loan a Gift? Why Does This Matter?

Note:  This situation does NOT apply to married couples.  The law is different when it comes to the matrimonial home.  As the real estate market continues to soar in Canada, young adults are struggling to …

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Modern Marriage Contracts

What is a Modern Marriage Contract? A prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement is a legally binding contract entered into either prior to marriage or after married.  These agreements can be referred to as Domestic Contracts or …

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When Your Divorce is Unfair

It’s difficult to get through the divorce process without thinking at one point or another that some of the outcomes are unfair. There are so many examples of this, such as: Mom is working full time and …

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Making the First Call – What to Expect

One of the hardest things is making that first call.  It can be a staggering and emotional step. Granted, it’s sometimes fuelled by rage and shock after the discovery of an affair, hidden debts, or sadly, …

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