Child Support

Children playing Five Ways Divorce Could Actually Benefit The Children

How to Calculate Child Support in Ontario

Child support in Canada is paid based on the Child Support Guidelines.  The Guidelines are law and parent for the most part must abide by them.  Parents have very little negotiation room when it comes …

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When Your Divorce is Unfair

It’s difficult to get through the divorce process without thinking at one point or another that some of the outcomes are unfair. There are so many examples of this, such as: Mom is working full time and …

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Making the First Call – What to Expect

One of the hardest things is making that first call.  It can be a staggering and emotional step. Granted, it’s sometimes fuelled by rage and shock after the discovery of an affair, hidden debts, or sadly, …

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The Covid Cohort and Spousal Support Payments

Students opting to skip year of pandemic-restricted campus life, presenting challenges for divorced parents The acronym B.C. can now be repurposed to mean “Before Covid,” especially for a growing trend that sees post secondary students …

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COVID-19 and Child Support Payments

Desperate Parents Seek Answers Parents who receive regular child support and other spousal payments are starting to see the taps run dry because of COVID-19. Ex-Spouses are unilaterally cutting off court-mandated financial support, claiming government orders to stop work or close …

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